Asobi ni Ikuyo - Season 1 - Episode 4 - Review: "I Came to Kidnap"

So, it would appear that the Star Trek opening lines parody is going to be a recurring thing, as we have it yet again.

Okay, picking up from last episode, we now see who that mysterious girl on the ship was: she's the leader of some crazy cat-loving (or if you work for the animation staff, "loveing") cult called the "Cat-Ear Corps: Underside of the Kitten Paw." To top things off, this cult has now discovered the existence of Elis, and have hailed her as their leader and object of worship.

Back at Kio's house, things are getting rowdy, since Elis is apparently coming into her mating season, as happens to Catians every 16 cycles. It makes her brain chemistry go a bit haywire, and even just the scent of catnip wine (is there really such a thing? I would think our own real world feline masters would have forced us to give it to them all the time were there such a thing) makes her extremely drunk, sending her into a frenzy of silly dancing and boob-shaking. Fortunately for Kio, before he's about to be jumped, Doctor Dyureru comes along from the main ship and knocks out Elis. After Elis comes to, and Kio has run away, as the good doctor talks about him being the potential mate for Elis, with Manami complaining all the while, the doctor tells Elis that she has a mission for her: to go to Tokyo.

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