Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou - Season 1 - Episode 5 - Review: "Episode 5"

The fifth episode of the series continues on with the arc that we saw starting in the previous episode which had Akuto, as part of the disciplinary council, being sent out to figure out what's hurting all the students that went off in search of the treasure. With the map having become his responsibility, even though Keena was the one who plastered it all over the campus, he has to clean it up and a few others have come along with him. Fujiko isn't there at the start though she's watching his each and every move while being frustrated by her older brother who recollects things when he "sees" them but proves to be fairly useless to her overall.

Sai's life is definitely one that's not easy but I love the way his personality alternates between frustrated and uncertain to commanding and completely in control. You can continue to see the demon lord side of himself emerging and he's being thrust into more and more situations that cause him to take on the role. This episode goes a long way toward establishing that even more as the path that everyone takes in the search for what's harming the student leads them to the bottom level of the base of the former demon lord, something that the student president has been watching over for the government. The lead-up to that is pretty fun as they do it as a scavenger hunt of sorts where Sai and the others are finding more clues to understanding what the treasure map is all about.

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