Grey's Anatomy - Baby Got Back

Meredith is back at work and back giving the voice over. This week her monologue involves a doctor's constant progress and how if you stand still you will be left behind. But sometimes the past comes to bite you in the ass. That is fucking poignant. It should really be embroidered on a pillow or something. Or maybe a Successory mug. Meredith is waiting impatiently in a little used hallway. She paces, kicks the walls, and just generally loiters until one Isobel Stevens walks in wearing a full-length sweater and pushing an older man in a wheelchair. Meredith may be excited to see Izzie, but decides to show it by jumping on her about where the hell she has been. Izzie tersely reports that she was in Chehalis with her mom. And, yeah, if I had just spent a few weeks in Chehalis I wouldn't want to talk about it either. The man in the wheelchair pipes up that this doesn't look like Chehalis. Izzie puts some jam on his nose and shoves him back into the teapot. She explains to Meredith that this is Dr. Singer, her high school science teacher who really pushed her and is the reason she became a surgeon.

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