Shin Koihime Musou - Season 1 - Episode 4 - Review: " The Three Chou Sisters Acquire the "Crucial.."

For those who did not think that they had enough rampant large-breasted lesbians among the cast, this episode intends to compensate for that as we are introduced to Gien, a tall, large breasted swordswoman who has two-tone hair. While Batai, Rin Rin, Koumei and Ryuubi are walking along minding their own business, Gien comes out of nowhere and knocks into Batai, making her drop her dumplings on a stick onto the ground. Childish Batai, of course, throws a fit and starts a fight with Gien. Gien, however, is more skilled than Batai, and manages to defeat her. But, Rin Rin comes between them and drives back Gien furiously. Rin Rin manages to disarm Gien, but only because Gien catches sight of Ryuubi and blushes intensely. We all know what that signals in anime.

Before Rin Rin lands a finishing blow, however, another even larger breasted woman comes along. While she looks suspicious, she turns out to be Gien's master, Gengan, who was looking for her wayward subordinate. She treats the gang to some more dumplings on a stick in order to apologize for Gien's behavior. She then invites them all back to her palace (she also happens to be the local ruler), and decides that Gien needs some more punishment. Cue erotic tickling (mainly off screen).

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