Am I the only one...(possible spoilers from the Ep 'Holidaze')

Who quite liked this episode? I mean it was by no means perfect, but I think it felt like it had some of the old Grey's back, the family-centric episode, the following of the patient from admission to discharge? Ok, yes it may have been a tad rushed, particularly with the Mark has a daughter thing, and maybe a little predictable, but I still came a way with a warm fuzzy feeling, like aww that wasn't so bad! Perhaps it was because it was focusing on the holidays, and I know you Yanks have Thanksgiving first, but Christmas is the next holiday for me and that seemed like the most focused on area, with the songs and the like hehe...anyway, but I dunno, I quite liked it, the only major issue I had was, why was the Chief at Mer and Der's for xmas dinner, I mean I know he wants to hide is drinking, but surely Adele would have something to say about that, everyone eating and singing no less with the chief, who has been acting kinda douchey (and only mer knows why!) Arizona singing a duet with the chief not Callie....anyroad, that was my main issue, go home chief!!!!! Other than that, thought it was quite a half decent episode, not as bad as some people think (IMO anyway!)

It's not Terry's, it's mine!


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