Welcome Back, "Grey's Anatomy" Watchers!

Hello, McDreamy! Hello, zombie patient! Hello, new intern Lexi Grey, purty and scattered as your stepsister Meredith! And finally, welcome back, Grey's Anatomy watchers! As of last night, the fourth season was upon us, bursting forth with newly minted residents, bizarre emergency room happenings, and lots and lots of baggage from last season.

Meredith and McDreamy haven't talked since the Cristina Burke wedding debacle, but when they finally do, Lexi busts in, wide eyed and babbling."You're the girl from the bar", McDreamy says, dreamily. "I'm the girl from the bar", corrects Meredith, spinning on her heel and walking away. And then they split up! And then they immediately retire to the break room! Is this how McDreamy (Addison having moved to L.A.), is bringing the drama? Telling Cristina that Burke resigned didn't cut it, either; she blinked twice and walked away.

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