Strike Witches - Season 2 - Episode 5 - Review: "My Romania"

The mission to Romagna is set and the group put together is amusing to say the least with Lucchini, Miyafuji and Shirley heading out to deal with that area. And with Lucchini as a guide there. Lynne is set to go as well but she does her best to back out of it to stay at the base as the stand-by for the mission, which is as unusual as is the approval of such a request. With it being a procurement mission, you'd think everyone would be wanting to go since it means shopping and relative downtime from the usual chores around the base and any training. The request list gets interesting as it goes along, including picking up some sort of dress for Chris, but it's no surprise that a certain someone just wants a literal ton of sweets.

Miyafuji has quite the trip right from the start as she's not seen much of the world since leaving her home country. While she's traveled a lot, the majority of it has been to bases, ships and combat missions in the air. Time spent actually going through a foreign city hasn't happened so she's treasuring the time to go through Rome and see all the ancient sights and local flavor. While this plays out, along with some amusing visions of a certain Witch in something frilly, Lucchini gets herself involved with a young woman named Maria who has an unseemly encounter in a nearby alley. That has Lucchini being her usual polite self after helping her out from the potential mafia men by inviting Maria along for the shopping time, especially since Maria isn't all that familiar with Rome even though she was born there.

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