One Piece - Season 10 - Episode 449 - Review: "Magellan's Scheme! The Jailbreak is Obstructed"

One Piece is now getting some diminishing returns with me when it comes to Magellan. After so many episodes of him either looming over everyone or having some bowel movements to end all bowel movements, he's become the go-to character if you want to inspire fear among the prisoners for the whole arc. That's sort of the point of him, but we've seen Luffy face him already and this new rematch that starts here just feels alright at best. There's no real tension to it because Magellan has ceased to be an engaging opponent, though I can't pinpoint why exactly. Mostly it comes down to the fact that we're just about done with this particular segment of the story as the outside is pretty much at hand and things will change.

This episode gets split into two parts, though thankfully the big sequence with Magellan and Luffy is kept kind of small in comparison. Luffy's finally figured out a way to get hands-on with Magellan after they discover that San's wax ability provides a great buffer. Unfortunately, he makes a power suit of sorts for Luffy, who finds it all terribly cool, and Luffy goes all one on one with Magellan while everyone else tries to escape. Magellan's ticked off nature obviously enters into this, though he has to admit that Luffy has found a way to give him a mild run for his money. Luffy and San really do manage to work well here and it's fun to see the other prisoners figure out how to be helpful in this fight since Magellan's got them very much worried about being brought back down to the lower levels of hell.

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