Sora No Otoshimono - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Review: " Ep 1 "

Having missed the first season, I get to go into this season without any knowledge of it but the opening minute sets it up pretty nicely as we're introduced to a young man named Tomoki who awakens to quite the erection while two very attractive young women are sitting around him. That's enough of a problem in itself, but when he hears that Sohara is in the house and coming to see him so he has one of the women, the very busty Ikaros, to essentially shoot at it in order to get it taken care of. It's an extreme but it shows the kind of fear he has and the general way the show will actually work.

The series is a pretty standard mini-harem setup and they do a nice little recap after the opening to fill in some of the basic blanks and get the cast introduced before moving forward. Tomoki's been having a dream lately, something that's bothering him since it's not the standard kind of dreams a young man would have with such hot women in his life that are very friendly with him. So using their special technology called the Dive Game, everyone takes a leap into the dreams that Tomoki is having. Unfortunately, it sends them into other people's dreams first and it's a pretty interesting world that comes up there, since it starts with a killer pterodactyl chasing after them. Another nice element of the show is made apparent early here with the chibi-size versions of the characters running around like mad in a panic having fun. Forte is showing off its style easily and with a really nice level of character design and animation, it's quite a bit of fun to watch.

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