Hetalia: Axis Powers Episodes #41-44 Review

Watching the countries of Hetalia engage in psychological games is very amusing as they aren't exactly the sharps tacks in the box. America's boss comes up with some doozies by intending to decrease morale in Japan by painting Mt. Fuji red only to realize that it's a damn big place. Even worse is when he has America order up a large box of extra small condoms from Russia not really realizing just how small twenty-five centimeters is. Other countries get involved in it as well with France and so forth causing trouble and even England spreading rumors to Italy, but performing psychological warfare on Italy is like shooting fish in a barrel when the fish is actually a whale.

Russia hasn't had too big of a role in the series but it gets expanded a bit in this batch as we're introduced to his two sisters, Ukraine and Belarus. They're polar opposites in terms of personalities with one lighthearted and fun and the other being scarily intense to the point where the whole room is dragged down with her. Ukraine's bounciness is positively hilarious though as it's all in her chest and some of it seeps into her head for her personality. She's even accentuated by a bouncing sound whenever she does anything even when not in the room as you can hear the bounce from far away. Belarus has a sort of horror movie feel to her with the quasi-royalty outfit that almost has her looking like a maid in some ways. With the long hair and dour look, she has a very meek aura about her until she goes psycho with a very low voice and intense presence, especially when she goes on about marrying Russia. There's a little epilogue about how the two sisters are in the present day which only adds to their cuteness.

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