Uraboku - Season 1 - Episode 4 - Review: "Lost Days and White Future"

Uraboku finishes out its opening phase of the series with this episode as Yuki must come face to face with who he is and what kind of danger he represents. I continue to be amused at how comic book-like this show has been so far, though it's obviously one with some strong and beautiful men who aren't shy about their emotions at times. The origin story aspect of the series gets wrapped up well here overall though and we do get a nice dash of action to help cement the abilities of some. There's also a good bit of bonding that seems to finally start humanizing the other characters a bit now as they're coming together as a team of sorts.

The thrust of this episode is around Yuki when Uzuki ends up kidnapping a couple of the younger kids from the orphanage in order to draw him to a discreet rooftop location. With a long simmer dislike for Yuki, if not outright anger, Uzuki was perfect for someone to manipulate into causing trouble for him. As it turns out, Uzuki has been given a lot of power and essentially possessed by someone who is a Mid-Villain, a creature in the middle of the rankings of the Duras. It's kind of a really bad name, though perhaps it's a bit less dorky when said in Japanese, but there's the nice conflict that goes on because of the power given and the way it's corrupted Uzuki, though he of course does try to fight against it.

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