Sketchbook - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Review: ''The Girl With the Sketchbook"

Based on the manga series written by Totan Kobako that's still ongoing, Sketchbook "full color's" is a thirteen episode series that adapts the slice of life show with its bits of mild comedy. In a lot of ways the show feels like a four panel comic in its pacing and structure as it moves from area to area while still working with something of an overall idea. It breaks down well in this first episode to introduce the characters and some of the setting without overwhelming you with them. Art clubs tend to have quirky characters, and there are a few here, but it has a more mellow feeling than anything else.

The show revolves around freshman student Sora Kajiwara who provides the narration for the episode as well. She's very aware that she's a shy girl who is easily flustered when she meets new people, and even those she's familiar with. Most things seem larger than life to her in some way, but she finds her peace in her sketchbook by drawing anything and everything that catches her eye. Her passion is drawing cats in their various forms, but like most living creatures they tend to not cooperate too well. But even with these animals she loves, she has something of a fear of them doing something. One scene shows her sketching a cat that's posed wonderfully for her, but the second it starts walking in her general direction she starts panicking over it. And not like you see in most series with it being exaggerated but more of a realistic controlled panic.

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