Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 19 - Review: "Survival"

The island adventure continues in this episode from what we saw before after the kids did their round of scary stories only to learn that the place has quite a few monsters. Joey and Lina are out in the jungle itself and along with a new friend they end up running into some nasty little vine creatures with a definite Skrugg bent to them. As much as he tries to call on Heroman though, he gets n love and has to be a bit more creative in trying to shake off the creatures. That leads to him being able to ferret out some information from the islander they came across, who is actually a research scientist who informs them that this island is not a R&R location but rather a place for military experimentation of things not safely done elsewhere. And they're all essentially in the lab now.

While he's being told to do everything he can to get the hell off the island, Joey isn't going to do that while leaving his friends there to be caught up in all this craziness. And he's not going to be able to do anything without Heroman, so the trio sets off in search of him at the least so they have a fighting chance. Their journey leads them to seeing that the things on the island are definitely getting smarter and more evolved before they come across Collins and deal with her issues about giant crabs eating her sandals. What becomes more and more evident is that without Heroman, Joey's losing his confidence and is becoming more reliant on finding him so that he can be the strong person he usually is with him. It's not a surprising character flaw when you consider how things have played out since he first got his hands on him nor for this situation.

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