Occult Academy - Season 1 - Episode 2 - Review: "The advent of Bunmei"

Occult Academy won me over pretty easily with its first episode as introduced a lead character with a really nice style about her when it comes to the outfit, a fun personality with the humor coming in the right way to balance the seriousness and a whole lot of really slick looking animation. Occult Academy looks to be another series that cements the position of A-1 Pictures for me. The opening episode had a lot of fun with the occult and some neat little twists to make the lead's life much more difficult since it can't be an easy thing to have to kill your already dead father who dealt in the occult, which you most assuredly did not like.

Cap it off with a naked man appearing before her at the end ad it was priceless.

Maya's life is difficult after that, though the young man has disappeared on her now, and she's feeling closed in on as the world is focused on the occult. She's rolling with it though after using the will and her inheritance as a new position in which to deal with things as she's taking over the academy through explicit circumstances. It seems like she's about to cement herself until a new teacher arrives at the academy named Minoru Abe. Of course, it's the naked man from before and as much as he tries to play it off, she goes ballistic on him with a spear, again reminding us of Moribito, but with a really slick sense of style as Maya looks completely awesome in her outfit as she tries to smack him around.

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