Grey's Anatomy - Yatta! Hello, Seattle!

Last week, on Trees in Men, Bailey told Izzie that she should return to the program, Callie got kicked out of the hospital basement, and Meredith told Finn and McDreamy that she wanted to date them both.

The Meredith voice-over tells us about a surgeon's typical fantasy, which apparently involves performing lifesaving surgery using only the contents of a small grocery store. Or something. While she's talking, the camera is moving over her bed, and we get a really lovely swirly series of shots of her artfully posed in bed with a sheet just up to here, if you know what I mean, and one leg delicately sticking out from beneath the covers. Very nice. Meredith V.O.: "But every now and then, some other kind of fantasy slips in." Mere rolls over to find McDreamy mcdreamily staring at her. He wishes her a good morning, and they kiss. And then he looks over her shoulder and says "Good morning" to Finn, who's in bed on the other side of Meredith. . . .

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