Grey's Anatomy - Sometimes A Fantasy

It's one of those episodes with a dozen plots. A week has gone by since Callie came over to the house, and George is getting a little sick of having her around. But he's too much of a wimp to tell her he's not interested in living together -- that is, until they have a fight about a patient who keeps getting unnecessary surgeries, and all of the living-together angst explodes all over them. Needless to say, she moves out. One of the kids from Heroes drops by -- she's a pre-teen who can feel no pain and gets hurt an awful lot because of it. This teaches Alex a valuable lesson about the importance of pain, which he shares with Izzie, who spends the entire day standing in front of the hospital trying to get over how own pain so she can speak to the Chief about getting back in the program. Needless to say, she never makes it in. Cristina is getting sick of taking care of Burke, who seems depressed and fairly uninterested in his own recovery. . . .

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