Grey's Anatomy - I Am A Tree

We open with a quick shot of Seattle, then go straight to the hospital, and into the elevator -- where McDreamy feels like re-enacting this hair-sniffing scene from last season. It is simultaneously hot and disgusting. Shut up, McDreamy. Or, you know, don't. DAMN with the hotness. Mere is, as ever, voice-overing through all this: "On any given moment, the brain has 14 million neurons firing at a speed of 450 miles per hour. We don't have control over most of them. When we get a chill: goosebumps. When we get excited: adrenaline." Mere exits the elevator with a very happy look on her face. More VO: "The body naturally follows its impulses, which I think is part of what makes it so hard for us to control ours." Cut to Izzie, who has filled every available surface of Meredith's kitchen with freshly baked muffins. The oven dings, and she pulls out yet another batch. Oh, Izzie. She surveys the muffinly bounty and says to herself, "That's enough muffins. We don't need all these. No more muffins." And then she grabs a mixing bowl and starts cracking eggs for...more muffins. Meanwhile, Cristina pays Burke a visit in his hospital room, and as she naughtily draws the blinds, MereVO tells us, "Of course, sometimes we have impulses we would rather not control..." Cristina does a funny little strip routine, getting down to a matching red lace panty/bra set, and as she straddles Burke, he says, "What are you doing?" Uh, seriously? Cristina: "Just because you can't touch doesn't mean you can't enjoy." Just as she's getting to the good stuff, the door opens, revealing a nice-looking couple Burke addresses as "Mama! Daddy!" Oops. Burke's mother, played by none other than the fabulous Diahann Carroll, looks alarmed, and says in a sickly-sweet Southern drawl, "Preston? Is this a new service the hospital is providing?" Heeeee. Cristina scrambles to get her naked self under the covers. MereVO finishes up: "...that we later wish we had." Indeed.

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