Shin Koihime Musou- Season 1 - Episode 7 - Review: ''Chinkyuu is taken in by Ryofu"

And so, the girls arrive in the city run by Enshou's relative Enjutsu. There, they run into Ryofu, who has picked up a couple of strays herself, the diminutive Chinkyuu and her large dog (what is a Saint Bernard doing in ancient China? Well, let's not look for reality too closely). Chinkyuu, who wastes a large amount of our time'ahem'I mean gives us a flashback with her sad tale of woe, eventually is rescused from starvation by coming across Ryofu, who was camping out as usual. Thus did Chinkyuu enter Ryofu's service as her strategist. Yeah, whatever. We get to see a Kan'u pantyshot before the long flashback.

Oh, wait, an incredibly inappropriate underage bathing scene (with plenty of steam, fortunately). So, I was right about excuses for more bathing scenes. We also get to admire Ryofu's cleavage quite well. Thus, we get the whole story of how Chinkyuu entered Ryofu's service. Well, that was certainly'an episode.

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