Death Note Movie Double Feature Blu-ray Review

The film open with a flying shot showing the moon over some storm clouds. The camera the plunges through the clouds and sweeps through the clouds and the storm that is pouring down on Tokyo. The camera settles on one building and as the point of view changes a black notebook falls from the sky onto a small spot in the middle of the street that then has no water on it. As the music crescendos the words “DEATH NOTE” appear on the cover. A quick cut shows a hand writing in the notebook interspersed with people suddenly clutching their chest and dropping dead. The film then establishes that many criminals and suspected criminals have been dying in similar manner.

The effects of these deaths on the public are then shown as the authorities are baffled and the reaction of the people in society is shown. Some proclaim these deaths as the work of a being they call “Kira” and reaction is mixed. Some proclaim the deaths to be God’s work and many welcome the punishment delivered to criminals. Web sites start popping up with fans with many praising his work but others arguing Kira is just a criminal himself and deserving of punishment.

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