Naruto Shippuden - Season 4 - Episode 172 - Review: "Episode #172"

Let us never speak of the previous two part special ever again.

The internalization we saw previously with Naruto meeting his father in his mind where the sealed Nine-Tails is was an intriguing piece as it answered some questions that have been out there for quite awhile, at least to me. With Naruto in the same space as Nagato is now, with Konan there trying to make sure Nagato is alright, the two face off in a way that's rather welcome for a series focused on ninjas and their outlandish abilities. They talk. Naruto's matured enough at times to want to make an informed decision about things, something Nagato has now offered him, as his plans for the world are ones that involve a lot of hate and violence and a belief that it's necessary to build a true peace. And Nagato wants to deal with Naruto enough to reveal his side of the story so Naruto can make a true and informed opinion.

Nagato's childhood is certainly mired in violence and pain as his family was wrongly killed in front of him, believing that they were a full on ninja family involved in the war that the Hidden Leaf village was dealing with. Seeing his parents knifed in the chest in front of him and then to have the honest and emotional apologies from the ninjsa afterward when they realized they killed civilians is a brutal moment, but it all takes a strange turn when he cries out in pain and everything goes blank. Until he wakes up to find the ninjas dead in front of him as the rage and sadness awakened his power and killed them, though he was unaware that it was he that did it. Nagato's journey begins because of this, as the village is now ruined and life there is essentially over. He becomes a young child who has to find his own way in the world after such a tragedy and it just builds in his own mind the pain he's suffered.

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