Shin Koihime Musou - Season 1 - Episode 3 - Review: "Kousonsan Fights Enshou"

We open with Kan'u on her way to visit the Kingdom of Wu in the east, the realm of the Son family. After a rather sad game of shiritori (a Japanese word game), Kan'u wonders what the Son sisters are up to these days.

Then we move to the Son family, as we see their elite personal guard (all women, of course) training in very skimpy outfits. Apparently flashing your panties must be part of the training. One of the elite soldiers is Ryomou, who is very agile and able, but has a slight vision problem. It shows in her workout, as she is defeated by the senior instructor Kanmei, who takes her out with a kick that Ryomou thought she had dodged.

Later, Ryomou is assigned to guard Sonken, one of the Son sisters. The two seem to hit it off, with Sonken asking Ryomou to study with her. From their study sessions, Sonken figures out that Ryomou has poor eyesight. She takes her out to buy glasses (buying her a weird looking monocle that's not really all that appealing; sorry, women in monocles are not sexy and men with monocles either need to appear in a board game or should be ruthless dictators with funny accents whom you wish to see killed), which helps to clear up her sight problem as well as make Ryomou less angry looking all the time.

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