New viewer with questions....

I'm just catching up with this show in reruns, never having seen it in its original run.

A couple of questions/comments:

1 - I like T.R. Knight's portrayal of George, but am I the only one to whom George seems a little mentally challenged? He seems completely out of his element, trying to be a surgeon. Very awkward and clumsy in almost everything he does, especially personal interactions. He acts more like an awkward teenager than someone with at least of 8 years of college behind him.

I also can't see him as a "stud," being with the women he's been with. He seems more like a puppy dog or someone's little brother.

I'm sure this is supposed to be the appeal of the character, but it doesn't ring true to me.

2 - Were my lying eyes deceiving me, or did I see scenes where Meredith, Izzie, and George all platonically share a bed -- with George in the middle -- again, like a puppy dog?

I can accept that people can live together platonically, no problem. But, this bed situation is just a little too cutesy for my taste. For me, it really undermines the credibility of the rest of the show. It borders on farce (like SNL). I find it hard to take any of them seriously in their other interactions/story lines.



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