30 Rock , Season One Review

Some may think that behind the scenes at a television show would be exciting; a fantastic ride with fascinating people all around. Over the years I have had conversations with people both behind and in front of the camera. The general consensus is it is work. While it may be a little more glamorous then the jobs most of us have it is still a job. As such it is prone to the same trials and tribulations the rest of face. This seems to be the underlying concept behind "30 Rock". On the surface it is a look behind the scenes at a "Saturday Night Live" type sketch comedy show. When you look a bit deeper there is something even better, even in the entertainment world a job is a job. When I first heard about this show before it premiered I thought it would deal with a world that is foreign to the viewers, after all most of us do not work in network television. When I finally got to actually watch it I was pleasantly surprised. The situations may be on the wacky side but I found I could sympathize with the characters. We have all had bosses who didn't know the first thing about the business at hand. At most workplaces there are those that feel they are above the common crowd. This series is populated by realistic, albeit broadly drawn and exaggerated, people. Many times this is how we see our co-workers, as characters defined by their traits which help to make the show work. There was a little bad timing in the broadcast release of this series. The debut was in the same season as "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip", another show about a SNL like television series. This may have confused some in the audience and diluted the talk about 30 Rock. It may also have resulted in more comparisons that usual. Now with the release of the complete first season you can watch this series without such distractions.

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