Black Butler II Episode #05 Review

Watching this season of Black Butler is certainly interesting since it reminds me of when I used to drop into comic book series in my youth and try to catch up and put it all together. A new piece of the Black Butler puzzle comes to light here as it turns out that Ciel has lost his memory at some point, presumably in the first series, and we see how Sebastian set things up with all those that he knew to pretend that they don't know him when they first see him, to reset to zero in effect so that Ciel isn't harmed by this knowledge until he regains his memories on his own. It explains a bit of the oddity of the episodes to date at times and sets up this episode well as the pair are headed to the Trancy estate for a masquerade ball.

It gets awkward after arriving at the entirely too familiar estate when he sees Elizabeth and Lau there, but it goes really badly when Prince Soma flies into the room and grabs onto Ciel, tears flowing from his eyes. While he's understood what's going on, he's missed Ciel a great deal and can't abide by the pact as he talks of memories, though his butler/servant does a good job of trying to change the dynamic of the conversation. It's an amusing way of handling it and Ciel is like a deer in the headlights with the way it plays out. Chalk it up to the strangeness of foreigners.

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