Grey's Anatomy - Let's Go Crazy

"Paranoia gives you an edge in the OR." And all of the flashing visuals of cars on the freeway and brain scans will give you a seizure, wow. It's nighttime, and while Arizona has a patient coming into the ER, Cristina is talking her ear off about how she realized pediatrics is the specialty where one can do it all: general, cardio, ortho, etc. Arizona looks confused at Cristina's interest but not confused enough to nip this in the bud. Cristina sweet-talks her to try and get on her service and Arizona warns her that she has to like kids. Cristina assures her that she loves kids, so Arizona agrees to see her at rounds. Oh Arizona, how could you have worked there longer than a day and not know that this is never going to end well? Cristina looks immensely pleased with herself.

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