Shin Koihime Musou - Season 1 - Episode 8 - Review: ''Enjutsu Orders a Monster's Extermination"

In the next episode, the gang finally sees Enjutsu, who seems to be as bad a narcissist, or possibly a worse one, than her cousin Enshou. When asked for the return of the sword by Ryuubi, she flatly refuses, mentioning that she traded it for a robe that idiots can't see (yes, of course we call all see it. Riggggghhhht?). So, Ryuubi pleads that she will do anything for the return of the sword. In that case, Enjutsu offers to return the sword if Ryuubi will exterminate a monster that inhabits a nearby shrine on a mountain. It happens that the shrine is slated for destruction so that Enjutsu can build a new villa for herself.

So, they go to face the monster, which turns out to cause Kan'u and Chouhi to first panic, then sexually assault Chouun, and finally collapse from fright. Chouun and Koumei have the presence of mind to pick up the two fainted warriors and retreat. Back at Enjutsu's palace, they describe a fierce battle (which did not take place) and ask Enjutsu to return Ryuubi's blade, since it appears that it is a special demon-slaying blade or some crap like that. Enjutsu's advisor is wary of just giving the sword back, but Koumei offers to leave a valuable object as collateral: a mysterious cup that she had picked up on her journeys (actually, it's just a plain old earthenware tea cup). Koumei states that it has a lid that cannot be lifted, while the bottom is hollow (she's holding it upside down). Enjutsu, who fooled her cousin with a robe that idiots cannot see, would seem to be little more savvy than her cousin, as she accepts this "cup of mystery." Well, Zhuge Liang was by all accounts one of the sharpest minds in ancient China, so it's no surprise that he, I mean, she here would prove far more sneaky than anyone else.

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