One Piece - Season 10 - Episode 469 - Review: "The Change That Occurred in Kuma - Ivan-san... "

One Piece rolls through the lengthy fight sequence pretty well in this episode again as there's a good number of things going on. The one that was the most exciting to see in the previous episode was to watch Hancock step out of her zone and launch herself after where Luffy is once he was getting attacked. She's got such a love for him, one that's so intense since her introduction a few arcs back, that seeing Smoker attacking him has her attacking Smoker to save her beloved. Luffy's attitude towards her is so innocent after that, especially when she gives him a key, that you can imagine her, um, exploding with joy once he wraps his entire body around her in thanks. It's so priceless, especially the reaction others have to seeing her cope with it.

Hancock and Luffy as bride and groom is priceless. And she still stands as the only woman in the series that I think really works with Luffy in a way as well where I'd actually want to see something progress there. She's got it really bad for Luffy but she has the confidence to pull it off, especially considering what it may cost her with her position, but she amusingly says she can do whatever she wants because she's beautiful. And many of the Navy men enthusiastically agree. Though the segment is pretty comical overall as it fills up the first half of the episode, it hits all the right notes to balance the more serious material playing out around it. It provided the right material to compensate for the darker moments when Luffy catches up with Ivankov who is facing off against Doflamingo and Kuma.

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