Grey's Anatomy - 17 Seconds (2)

Welcome to the first third of the season finale! We open at Joe's bar. Mere voice-overs that, in life, we're taught that there are seven deadly sins. "We all know the big ones -- gluttony, pride, lust." Burke and McDreamy are sitting at their own table, away from those icky girls. The icky girls sit at another table nearby and watch the men (hotly) play some darts. Burke flings his dart at the board so hard that it makes a "thwack!" sound as it hits the bull's-eye. I'm going to take this dart-playing scene as a psychic shout-out, as darts are mine and my husband's current obsession and bar game of choice. Cristina turns around to watch and comments, "He's picturing my face. He's totally picturing that dart puncturing my skull." Mere VOs that the thing you don't hear much about is anger, maybe because we think anger's not that dangerous. As she says this, McDreamy takes his turn at the board, and hurls the dart with beautiful manly force. Izzie says he's so picturing Meredith right now. Mere: "He called me a whore; he lost the right to picture me." Cristina's all, "So I fall asleep during sex, so what?" The boys glare at the girls, and the girls glare back, each proclaiming, "ASS!" Alex strolls by, and Izzie calls out, "Oh, aaaaass!" She throws back a shot. Hee. Alex snaps back, "Isobel Stevens has finally left the hospital -- does this mean heart patient Denny finally kicked it?" Izzie says she's sorry, but this section of the bar is for surgeons only; they don't socialize with gynecologists. Damn, I like drunk Izzie. George walks over with Callie and sits down. All the girls greet George heartily, and then are all Mean-Girly, "Ohheycallie." Poor Callie. Mere voice-overs that we don't give anger enough credit -- maybe it can be a lot more dangerous than we think. "After all, when it comes to destructive behaviors, it did make the top seven." We get one more shot of Incredibly Angry McDreamy, then cut to...

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