Tegami Bachi Reverse Episode #26 Anime Review

A quick recap: when we last left Lag and Niche, they'd just saved the town of Honey Waters from a rampaging gaichuu, and been run out of town for their trouble. On their way out, the encountered the one person that Lag's been wanting to meet again for over five years now: Gauche Suede, the man who had made him want to be a Letter Bee in the first place. Given that Gauche has been missing for most of the intervening years, meeting him now is a Big Deal.

Lag's reunion with Gauche doesn't turn out how Lag had always hoped it would, though - not only does Gauche refuse to acknowledge that they've met before but, as per the instructions from his client, he takes Lag's delivery from him and leaves. Now going under the name of Noir, he's become a Marauder - a thief - and seems to have no memory of his time as a Bee. Niche's own encounter with Roda (Gauche's dingo) doesn't go well either, only proving to Niche that she's got some learning to do if she's to become the dingo she wants to be. That leaves them heading back to the Yuusari Bee-hive under something of a cloud, and with Lag dreading telling Sylvette the bad news about her brother...

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