House of Five Leaves - Season 1 - Episode 2 - Review: " I Want to Get Laid"

The House of Five Leaves was certainly an intriguing show from its first episode for two reasons. The first was its stylistic approach to the animation, right from the opening sequence, that carried all the way through. The characters are fascinating to look at as they're not like others we generally see and they have a sort of odd movement to them at times. The second was that it was so laid back that it was almost moving backwards at times yet still felt like it was actively going somewhere. It was an interesting choice from which to launch the new venture for Fuji TV with FUNimation and it likely earned them some notice from fans looking for something outside the norm, but it's not a show that's going to win over a mainstream audience, even on Hulu.

The second episode is in a way more of the same though without quite the same kind of setup material. Masanosuke has gotten closer to Yaichi as the two men find each other quite intriguing and hard to figure out. Yaichi finds himself to be never bored when watching Masanosuke and wants to know more about him. He's also fascinated with how easily Masanosuke has managed to become a part of the group, to potentially be the fifth leaf, without even realizing what he's been doing. Masanosuke for his part can't fathom a man like Yaichi yet finds himself highly drawn to him. Yaichi's life is fairly obvious when you really look at it, but it's not something that Masanosuke can wrap his head around and it takes him awhile to realize exactly what this little gang is all about.

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