Grey's Anatomy - Bye, George

Hello my lovelies, and welcome back to another season of Grey's! We're picking up immediately where we left off last season, so let's get right to it. As the doctors work on both Izzie and George, both seemingly about to die, Mere leads us in with her VO: "According to Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, when we are dying, or have suffered a catastrophic loss, we all move through five distinct phases of grief." Derek is working on George while Mere, Hunt and Callie look on, while at the same time Alex is breaking down watching the Chief, Cristina and Bailey all work on his wife. (It's unfortunate that we already know due to the wonder of casting news that she's probably going to make it. Though I guess technically she could die and then Alex could start having ghost sex, but then I think I might have to pitch myself out of my apartment window if that happens. And I only live on the second floor, so I'd most likely only succeed at breaking one or both of my legs, which would really, really hurt. And then I'd still be watching Grey's but with two broken legs.)

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