Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 7 - Review: "I Go for Looks"

When it comes to coaches, reputation is certainly important and Coach Daimon has come into the school with quite a reputation behind him. Akaishi, Ko and Nakanishi all converse about his past and we learn that Daimon has had quite a track record over the last few years as he's led four teams to great success before moving on to something else. His last one ended with some kind of disturbance that involved fighting among students and people being reported, so he's definitely a bit darker in tenor this time around than one might suspect he was in the past. But you can also easily tell that he's a harsh man when it comes to the game and what he wants to impart.

With the reputation he has, there's also the knowledge that those he coached rarely went on to be anything else afterward. A few made it to the pro level but because of how he coached them in high school, he essentially burned them out. That has our trio uncertain of how they want to interact with him, but Akaishi floats the intriguing idea of just removing him from the picture entirely. Watching how Daimon coaches is fairly standard, a kind of stern distance that he uses on the players, and they react with a touch of resentment to their expression. They do follow what he instructs though because of his reputation but some of that comes from the fact that he'll cut you in an instant if you aren't living up to what he feels you can do.

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