Strawberry 100% OVA 2 Anime Review

After the first OVA, I was definitely looking forward to seeing more of what Strawberry 100% would do without the TV confines, especially since the manga definitely has a bit more an ecchi feeling to it. One of the appeals of the OVAs side story was that it harkened back to romantic comedy OVAs of old where it told a fun little self contained story that was silly, romantic and just plain fun. It also raised the bar for the series with its quality of animation since there were a lot of really good looking scenes, stronger character designs and a better sense of presence. Unfortunately, the second OVA drops down in quality on just about all these counts and feels more like a typical OVA and even has a budget feeling at times with how the character animation moves.

The focus of this episode kicks off with the school festival time of year arriving and everyone is scrambling for what they want to do. Naturally, with Manaka knowing many women who are sought after by other guys, he gets to see the mad rush by other clubs to try and steal them away to help them with their own projects. Unfortunately, this means going back to the well by highlighting how pretty much every guy on campus is an absolute obsessive type when it comes to their club of interest and they pretty much live it. We've seen this in so many series that it isn't a surprise, but it feels like it goes against the gain of what we've seen in the series as well in that other characters in the school generally weren't paid much attention, instead keeping the focus on the primary characters who are all rather straightforward and reality based. Students wearing wrestling masks on a daily basis breaks that spell all too easily.

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