Ghost Hound - Season 1 - Review: ''Complete Collection 2"

The second half of Ghost Hound arrives with the final eleven episodes of the series and it pretty much mirrors my experiences with the first. Ghost Hound didn't come anywhere close to winning me over with those first episodes and this set really does keep to the same style and tone, which is good for fans of the show. In watching the second half, it reaffirmed to me that the plot was pretty paper thin to begin with and it meanders heavily here as well, where when it gets to the end you realize that this is what the show was actually all about. There's a real lack of focus with Ghost Hound because of how it meanders, which can be good with some series, but here it was too much.

Much of these eleven episodes focuses on the characters trying to find what they're looking for, if they're prominent enough characters. Some, like Michio, are little more than set props to be used during a couple of scenes. Taro is continuing his journey to find his sister as he believes that she may be alive somehow or that Miyako may be the reincarnation of his sister. Masayuki is doing what he can to find his place within his family, especially since his mother is zoned out most of the time and his father is consumed by his work at the bio research facility. Makoto is similar as he's trying to find his place within a family that he despises since he believes his father was responsible for the kidnappings eleven years ago and he's fighting against the destiny that his grandmother is putting on him when it comes to the shrine. And Miyako is simply trying to figure out who she really is as almost everyone thinks she's someone else.

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