Durarara!! - Season 1 - Episode 15 - Review: "A Fool May Give Good Counsel "

Episodes like this frustrate me, even when done well like it is here in Durarara!! With the second half of the season slowly picking up steam again as it deals with this Slasher storyline while mixing in more online elements, we essentially take a detour to deal with a new character who spends his time wandering around Ikebukuro trying to interview people. We get him hitting up all the usual folks such as Izaya and Simon in order to get a feel for what people see out there when it comes to the story he's working on for the magazine where he's following up on who the strongest people of the city are.

Naturally, he's had a run in with Shizuo.

Niekawa fits the mold as your pretty standard magazine hack with his hat and overcoat, the way his life has fallen to pieces and how much is riding on this one last story he needs to get right. His wife left him some time ago and he's got his teenage daughter, in her second year of high school, who pretty much views him as a joke, though we never see her. Taking his tour of Ikebukuro, he can't believe some of what he sees, such as how Simon approaches all of his customers or the kind of cold calculation that Izaya has with his business and how he knows oh so much about Niekawa. His arc is fairly uninteresting until his life takes more of a downturn and the Slasher gets involved, but admittedly by then it was feeling like an episode that you'd want to fast forward through anyway.

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