Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 4 - Review: "Tama"

Heroman continues to be a show that really doesn't feel like everything else and it's a hugely welcome change of pace for me, especially for a show that's dealing with aliens and giant robots. At times I'm getting a serious SOS Project Earth kind of feel to it with the animation style and the almost classic Hollywood invasion angle but it's done with the kind of detail and attention that Bones likes to put into its projects with a mixture of comic book and anime stylings that has it standing apart. What really strikes me again with this episode is how different the atmosphere of it feels with so many quiet moments, or moments where the musical score is so soft and in the background that you almost don't notice it. It's a series where the streets are quiet and it really does feel eerie and haunting, rather than just a lack of sound.

The invasion of Earth is going off fairly well, though naturally we're only seeing a tiny slice of it. The arrival of the Skrugg in California has them setting up a nice towering base of operations from which they laid bare their plans to conquer us all as part of the grand conquest of everything in the known universe. They've certainly cemented their position well with this and have shown that conventional weapons won't do jack against them. The only blip is what happened with Heroman and the Skrugg so far and that's been little more than a curiosity to the base leader, Kogorr, who at least did learn of it and decided to keep it in mind as something that may have to be dealt with. Regardless, they have big plans and launch out their massive giant metal balls that will crush everything in sight, complete with spikes poking out of it.

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