Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Season 1 - Episode 44 - Review: ''A Full Recovery"

After the last episode which started to right the ship that was tiling a bit with this series, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood goes back to setting the stage some more. This particular aspect of the show has some really good moments over the course of it but sometimes it can get a little bit draining as well as you wait and wait and wait for something to happen. Much has been laid out so far so you can get the gist of the plan easily enough and now you want to see more movement towards it. We got some of that the last time around and earlier when we had the big Hohenheim background story, but right now it's back to moving the pieces around the board.

An interesting subplot that comes through here takes us back to Central where we see from a different angle where Olivier is shown the hanging bodies waiting to become an army. Her curiosity about it does net some answers about where the souls come from, but it's what's happening behind them that's intriguing. Bido is brought back. This particular chimera hasn't been seen for a bit that I can recall but he's been out there searching for Mr. Greed all this time and is surprised to find him deep down under Central. Unfortunately, this is the new Greed who has no recollection of the past and therefore has no problem in killing an intruder regardless of his protestations of friendship. But this is all a slippery slope as it forces the internal battle between Greed and Lin Yao to surface again as Lin is doing his best to gain control and utilize Greed for his own purposes.

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