Hetalia: World Series Episodes #01-10 Anime Review

After a rather enjoyable first two season, Hetalia returns with yet another season, entitled World Series, which brings us more wacky hijinks with history and countries as characters playing off of each other. The whole concept, with its origins in the web comics to manga and to the original anime, simply struck a chord with me and proved to be a lot of fun, even if it does seem a bit toned down and mainstreamed for the anime incarnation. The first two seasons spent the bulk of their time dealing with World War II issues and settings which is definitely a lot of fun because of the way everyone antagonizes each other, but they also played it well with some small segments taking place in the present and others that went far into the past, particularly with Italy and Holy Roman Empire.

The first ten episodes of the World Series season essentially pick up where we left off before and runs with the same kind of humor, which is definitely a plus. Why change a winning combination, especially with it all working within the five minute timeframe. A bit more history is brought into it as Japan gets a most amusing education about how Sparta operated, with its immense amount of nakedness, which is something that really throws off Japan in a way that's amusing. The two are pretty good friends as Greece becomes a bit more of a player in the game, particularly as the two have a similar laid back and almost slow approach to things. Greece takes it a few extra steps, when you take into account the not necessarily lazy attitude but the more sleepy mindset, and it makes a certain amount of sense considering the lengthy known history of the country and how outgoing it all was for so many centuries.

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