Legend of the Legendary Heroes Episode #11 Review

Sion's plans to shake up things in the nobility and elsewhere is an interesting move since it takes people in positions of power and shifts them and they can't refuse. Well, some will push back against it depending on their relationship with Sion, but it's an interesting way to keep ones enemies and allies off balance so that you can see who does what with it. What makes it even more interesting is that in making the notice official to the public. Sion also indicates that citizens with talent for positions that are opening up have the potential to move up into them, rather than it being forever out of reach. This shows Sion making changes for the betterment of the kingdom on several levels and that there isn't quite a sense of favoritism that you might think, though some will get promoted when they shouldn't. It's a nice bit of political theater but also political survival.

A good deal of intrigue and political material makes up the first half as it also delves into Milk's special unit that Ryner and Ferris ran into before. They're given permission to carry on with their mission and we get a little more material about Milk's family background and why she's as good as she is overall but also touches on the problems of her family. Where the second half goes is a bit more personal and more on the action side as it shifts to Ryner and Ferris themselves as they come across a young child who is being abused by some official ruffians. The boy, Arua, hits a very personal note with Ryner as when he's being yanked about while the soldiers try to break him, he sees something on him that deals with the Alpha Stigma. Considering his own past with it, it's no surprise at all that he leaps right into the thick of things. Nor that Ferris has a good bit of fun with it as well.

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