Omamori Himari - Season 1 - Episode 7 - Review: ''The Cat's Feelings and the Witch's Melancholy"

Not unsurprising, but the moment that the show gets a bit of energy it seems to want to drive off the path to something else. The seventh episode of Omamori Himari was more reminiscent of the first couple of episodes which left me feeling like the episode wasn't playing fast enough. There are cute moments to be had here, such as Liz learning there's yet another demon slayer running around out there that may want to kill her or Rinko learning that Yuto was engaged when he was a child and is only learning about it now. These are the small things that make you smile a bit and enjoy the character bits, including watching Shizuku eat a popsicle with that tongue of hers.

Where this episode focuses is on the rivalry/bad blood between Kuesu and Himari which stems from the past and the present relationships with Yuto. It's not a bad thing overall because it makes sense in that Kuesu is trying to do what she was always intended to do for the family and for her own power while Himari is doing it all out of love for the Young Master, a love that's definitely more than a basic kind of respect and honor for ones master. The back and forth we've seen between the two of them since Kuesu's arrival is all by the numbers, but we do get a bit more understanding of Kuesu when it comes to the family history and how it's put the Jinguji family in a difficult place over time because of their use of Western magic.

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