Tatami Galaxy - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Review: "Tennis Circle Cupid"

Based on a novel by Morimi Tomihiko, Tatami Galaxy is most definitely an intriguing show based on its visuals alone, as well as its overall sense of style. Produced by Madhouse, it wants to be very artistic and creative in its approach as it uses a variety of animation styles as well as heavily filtered live action bits to tell the story of an unnamed young college student in search of love. At first it seems like we may get an episodic series about different things but this episode at least goes into the second one as we don't get any conclusion here, but rather a surprisingly amusing cliffhanger.

Tatami Galaxy revolves around a young man who is never named here as he initially meets another man at the Neko Ramen cart who casually tells him that he's a god of the Shimogamo shrine and knows all about this young man. He rattles off a lengthy list of things that hits home for the student and then informs him that he's the patron god of matrimony there. The student's life has been difficult when it comes to love and he's had no luck at all since entering college. Much of that stems from being socially awkward and not knowing how to fit into the various circles, especially in the tennis circle that he joins. What makes his life even more difficult is that he befriended another social outcast named Ozu and the two decided to become the Black Cupid's of the school, spending their time causing trouble for others and breaking up relationships while cutting the red string of fate for them.

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