Asobi ni Ikuyo - Season 1 - Episode 11 - Review: " I've Come to Look for It "

So, picking up where things left off last time, everything that could possibly go wrong has: the Catian main ship is on a collision course with the Earth, Captain Kuune is unconscious, and Elis and friends have barely fought off an attack by Dogisian Assistaroids themselves. At least the Earth itself doesn't have to worry too much, as the Catian spaceship is programmed to self-destruct before it might crash into a planet. Of course, that means the death of the crew, except for those isolated on the bridge.

The only way of stopping the death spiral is for the Captain to issue an override command, but as she is unconscious, there is no way to do that. The second in command, Commander Melwin, does not have the authority so long as the Captain is alive (thus, the Dogs rendered her unconscious without killing her). Now, considering the rather blunt and unimaginative deus ex machina events of the previous episode, it should come as no surprise that we get another one, this time one that will help our heroes: Captain Kuune's bell, which is her personal Assistaroid and data organizer, suddenly attaches itself to Kio. Before Kuune fell unconscious, she transferred her bell to Kio, which apparently meant that she also temporarily transferred her status as Captain to him, making Kio the new Captain of the Catian ship. So, all they have to do now is make their way to the ship, and he will be able to issue the system restart command. The frozen crew outside of the bridge? That gets taken care of by a visit to Ichika, who gives Elis a special seal that will undo the time freeze. It appears that people have been illegally selling the special seals, and thus that's how the Dogisians got a hold of them. As for getting up there, leave that to Antonia, who plans to buy a rocket for Elis, just because she asked (it must be nice to have more money than one could ever possibly figure out what to do with). While an Earth rocket doesn't quite have the capability to travel to the Catian ship, Elis isn't worried, as the core of her own personal spaceship, the Ruruso, which would not have been destroyed during the attack, will come to her and with it, she will be able to build a basic warp drive with some help from the Assistaroids.

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