Blessing of the Campanella - Season 1 - Episode 8 - Review: "Ep 8"

Picking up from last episode, where Minette nearly had her core, which keeps her "alive," taken away from her by the super-powered Avril and her boss Aberdeen, the Oasis Clan holds a council of war to decide on how to proceed. Leicester firmly states that someone must be with Minette at all times during the upcoming Harvest Festival, a precaution that Agnes agrees should help, as she knows Aberdeen well enough, so she thinks, that he would not make his move if it could hurt bystanders. Aberdeen was apparently Agnes' elder brother's disciple. Nina suggests that they hire the Tortilla Sisters to guard Minette.

Cue a special opening, as apparently we're not really watching Blessing of the Campanella, but the Tortilla Show. At least, that's what the opening animation and song look like.

So, we have Minette being watched over by the Tortilla Sisters, with the slightly calculating Ritos trying to take advantage of Minette's cuteness for her own purposes. We see them go around the festival, at one point appearing before the crowds dressed in swimsuits in order to attract greater attention, while all the time advertising their services. They eventually meet up with Agnes and after wowing the masses with their swimsuits (even Agnes is bikini clad), they go off to the Cathedral, where it seems that Chelsea and the other Sacred Knights are running a maid cafe for the Festival. At this point, the Tortilla Sisters split from Agnes and Minette (so much for their guarding Minette, but Agnes will be around, so there should be no reason to worry), since they're the focus of this episode. After wandering around the Cathedral exhibit hall for a while, they then head out to the site where their golem, Golem, will be launching El fireworks for the ending of the festival. On the way there, they run into Leicester, who has something for Ritos, a device needed for lighting the fireworks. Once at the fireworks site, Ritos remembers that she had something else she wanted from Nina, and tells Salsa to go to the Oasis Clan headquarters to pick it up, asking Leicester to accompany her.

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