Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 6 - Review: "Backlash"

The sixth episode of Heroman raises the threat to a more international level, giving a bit of a nod toward the whole global aspect of things, while still keeping it very local. There's a lot going on in this episode as it plays with politics, the military side and the more personal level along with some basic investigative moments. All of it is tied together very well with a solid sense of the dramatic without going over the top in a way that makes it brash and full of noisy and fury. The understated nature of the show continues to be a huge selling point for me with it when it comes down to the sense of style that it's using in its approach.

The personal side of the show is nicely dealt with from the start as Will and Nick, now converted through Skrugg science into foot soldier/commanders for them, do their level best to take down Heroman. While they do deal with it in a fairly predictable fashion by having Lina's presence being something that has an impact on Will, it's not a quick change back to normal for the football star as he tries to deal with his Skrugg orders to kill and the underlying love for his sister. Nick, not so much, as he does his best to follow through with the soldier's he's in charge of. There's a really good sequence where they give Heroman a chase and you can see just how into it the Skrugg Nick is with it.

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