Ichiban Ushiro No Daimo - Season 1 - Episode 4 - Review: "Episode 4"

While the show has been generally nicely episodic so far, this time around we start what's potentially a larger storyline as it expands at least into a second episode. There've been hints of something larger going on since Fujiko started having her back story expanded where we see the head of her brother being animated as she wants to figure out what happened to him when he died that ended up bringing shame on the family. That storyline gets taken up a notch in this episode as we see a bit more of what happened way back when and how those who were investigating his death ended up trying to use his memories to see the truth of the matter.

The silly side of the show is still fully apparent though as Sai continues to find himself grappling with his powers. There's an amusing outdoor activity where the students basically toss around little balls of energy toward each other that's supposed to be harmless. Teamed up with Junko, Sai's little ball of energy ends up cratering the entire field and sending a shocked and unconscious Junko to the nurses office. His powers and the reactions of everyone that come into contact with him are very amusing to watch, especially since he wants to be liked and to be friends with everyone. His future position as the demon lord, which will likely be very different from what people perceive it to be, continues to thrust him into awkward and lonely situations. And in all honesty, Hiroshi isn't exactly what most people would consider a friend when you realize how he regularly makes situations worse.

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