Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Review: "Beginning"

Based on the manga of the same name that's been running in Monthly Shonen Gangan written by Stan Lee and Bones with artwork by Tamon Ohta, Heroman is a new show that definitely fuses East and West together in an intriguing way. I grew up reading a whole lot of books based on characters created by Stan Lee and others as well as all sorts of other creations of his over the years. And I've loved the way Stan Lee is always inserted into the movies based on Marvel Comics properties (and love his cameo in this episode) but I'm not exactly what you'd call a fanboy. I like what he's created, but have felt that he's still trying to do mostly the same thing. S I was quite curious as to how this blending would turn out.

Heroman focuses on middle school student Joey Jones who attends the Center City Middle School. He's a fairly average kid, decently smart but not on the popular side which means he's regularly picked on. What draws the attention to him is that he's good friends with Lina, a popular cheerleader who happens to like him a lot and even tries asking him out a few times even though he refuses. That she likes him is bad enough but she has an older brother who is the epitome of the high school style jock so he causes plenty of trouble for Joey with his group of friends that are always following him around. Joey's essentially a loner outside of a friend named Psy who seems to get the way Joey is and encourages him in his various small endeavours.

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