Naruto Shippuden - Season 4 - Episode 151 - Review: "Master And Student"

Shiranami uses Hotaru to cause a small explosion in the surrounding area slightly injuring Naruto and Utakata. However, they are both still alive and proceed in trying to stop Shiranami's takeover of the village. Utakata stops Shiranami with his bubble binding technique and at this point, the Forbidden justu begins to take over Hotaru's body.

Shiranami flees the scene knowing that the jutsu is now out of control and the latter is able to destroy the village and surrounding areas. As for Team 7, they are still in battle with the bandits but gain the upper hand crippling their tactics. Naruto chases behind him, but eventually catches up with Shiranami and uses Rasegan and puts him in his place. It is then that Utakata meets with Hotaru in a spiritual intervention of master and student and stifles the explosion by going into the six tails form.

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