Maid-Sama! - Season 1 - Episode 10 - Review: "Ep 9-10"

In the first episode of this pair, we have a rather...surreal outing. Using the old Japanese folktale Momotaro (Peach Boy), the story of a boy who emerges from a magical peach to go forth and slay demons, as the basis for the episode, we have a rather strange version of the tale shown to us, with Misaki in the title role of Peach Boy, and the other members of the cast filling in the various parts, both real ones from the actual story and insertions from other fairy tales and random additions just thrown in from anywhere (it would seem this show falls on the pirate side of the ninja/pirate debate). There's little need to describe this fractured fairy tale to any great extent, other than to note that it is more weird than funny. Perhaps it is better if you know the original story well, which I do not (having only read a summary of it once some time ago). At the very end, it all turns out to be a nightmare in Misaki's head. While Misaki was sleeping, exhausted from overwork, Usui had placed a pair of headphones over her head and forced her, while asleep, to listen to Usui's "imaginative" retelling of the classic tale. Poor Misaki.

In episode 10, we learn of Sakura's favorite band: an indie rock band composed of boy from Yumesaki High School. Of course, it's not just the band she adores: she is specifically in love with the band's lead singer. Fortunately for her, during a concert, she managed to catch the attention of the band's lead singer Kuuga, and afterward was able to arrange for a party with the band and her friends. In addition to Shizuko, Sakura asks Misaki to come along. Misaki, unusually, agrees to go along.

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