One Piece - Season 10 - Episode 448 - Review: "Stop Magellan! Ivan-san Unleashes His Secre... "

When it comes to the oddness of the Devil Fruit people, there's certainly been some very strange ones over the years. While Ivankov may not be the strangest, depending on what you've seen, he certainly ranks up there, especially when it comes to his visuals and transformations. He's been a character I haven't much cared for since his introduction, particularly as he had an episode where it was all about him and his hidden realm that was just bizarre, but he has had some really good scenes as they decided to break out with Luffy and he's taken on a commanding role. Now that he's going up against Magellan directly, he has the potential to shine again.

Heehaw indeed.

Luffy's push upward has him very focused on making progress at all costs but the group he's with, which continues to be very amusing now that Crocodile is a part of it, is surprised by the lack of resistance they're coming across. It's definitely been a help that Buggy and Mister 3 have been making their own progress, awkward as it's been at times, by letting out everyone that they can come across with the wax keys. It certainly plays into Buggy's self preservation mode since he has a lot of people to act as targets there on Level 1 with him, but there's also that feeling that he really loves leading in a way, or at least having a ton of followers behind him. Though his time is brief in this episode overall, Buggy continues to be the real highlight of the Impel Down arc for me, which is a huge change from when I was first introduced to him.

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