Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Season 1 - Episode 50 - Review: "Upheaval in Central "

The action this time around picks up nicely, but it's fairly restrained in a way as well simply because of how the characters interact. The first half deals with the more overt aspects of the battle in Central while the second half works towards the quieter side as infiltration is the name of the game and that requires being sneaky and quiet. Mixing in a few fun character elements along the way from the supporting cast helps bridge both sides of it while adding a flavor of excitement that's warranted, especially since it's dealing with characters from the pats returning.

The overt side of the show is a lot of fun as Mustang, aided by men from Briggs, gets out of his first sticky situation and then moves on to makes his full escape so he can deal with the larger threat. His approach, having seen so much war and the cost of it, is one where he intends to minimize the casualties overall while still making sure his mission is accomplished. With his sense of style attached to it, the ability to take down dozens and dozens of soldiers without killing any works perfectly. He doesn't want to hurt his own compatriots, most of which have been fooled. This approach also has the added effect of making the brass feel like they're being mocked by him and his smug attitude. There is that as well but the combination of it all works great and Mustang almost looks like he's having fun during it.

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